1. Include furniture pads, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, and rope for every job requiring loading or unloading.
  2. Plan for the use of furniture dollies and four-way appliance dollies.
  3. Ensure you have boxes to use in lieu of pads at last minute.

High Dollar Value Items

  1. Jewelry, sentimental attachment pieces, and high dollar value items should travel with you, not the truck, if at all possible.
  2. Inventory every high dollar value item going into the truck/container (if taking the item with you is not an option) and specify the location in the truck/container on your paperwork.
  3. Always, or at least try to, get insurance on your property (partial value replacement)


  1. Of all tasks associated with moving, the most important is loading. Please, if you can, hire a professional.
  2. More packing supplies is always better than less, boxes should be packed with padding at bottom and top of all the boxes.
  3. Label fragile items. Keep in mind, if everything is fragile, nothing really is. Do not over emphasized fragile boxes.


  1. The general rule for LOADING is: (estimate # of hours to load) x 1.5 = total estimate of hours needed.
  2. The general rule for UNLOADING is: (estimate # of hours to unload) x .95 = total estimate of hours needed.
  3. The general rule for PACKING labor is: (estimate # of hours needed) x 1.75 = total estimate of packing hours needed
  4. The general rule for PACKING supplies is: (estimate # of boxes needed per size/per item) x .25 = total estimate of supplies needed per supply item
  5. The general rule fo UNPACKING is: (estimate # of hours needed) x 1.15 = total estimate of hours needed to unpack